Enterprise Sales

We specialise in Enterprise sales, opening doors to decision makers in the worlds leading brands specialising in closing the largest deals.

Are you a small, medium or large business wanting to gain new business from enterprise sized businesses around the world? Don’t have the time, where to look or who to speak to? Evreux can help you win new business by placing your company in front of these decision makers, supporting you pitching your proposition and helping you close the deal. 

About Us

We are a small consultancy, started in 1997. We believe in serving our clients with the highest quality results that we can possibly provide, with attention to detail in all aspects, whilst building excellent long-term relationships.

When dealing with us you always remain in constant contact, have access to our systems for transparency, and be provided bi-weekly consultations to discuss progress and feedback. 

Evreux is run by Kirsty Neal (LinkedIn), a veteran in senior enterprise business development, having been in sales since 2008 serving companies such as Capita, River as well as negotiating deals with the leading brands of the world.

James Neal – A high performing, results driven marketing consultant with a proven track record in digital strategies, with awards for marketing and sales, a Fellow of the Academy of Entrepreneurs, a Fellow of the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing, PPA award for publications, Learning & Performance Institute accredited and also a Google Partner with various Google certifications. Since 1997, he has delivered a successful portfolio of projects both in B2C and B2B working with companies such as F1, WBC, Cello Plc, Infinity, Fairline Plc, Capita, EPI Guard as well as a host of small/medium and enterprise sized businesses.

If you are looking to expand your horizons with enterprise businesses, then Evreux is the calling card you need. 


Our Services

It’s an old saying that people buy from people and this is today more than ever the case in our fast-paced digital age where building trust is essential.

At Evreux we are not just salespeople, we are strategic senior business development people with many years of experience in enterprise-level sales consultations, dealing with c-suite decision makers and delivering at board level.  


Kirsty is a highly experienced and qualified lead generation expert. She is great to work with and extremely professional. Intuitive and receptive, Kirsty and her team adapt easily as requirements and messaging change. I highly recommend her and Business Hunters.

Sally Nursten
Chief Marketing Officer at ITHQ
  • Software (SAAS)
  • Healthcare Sector
  • Pharmaceutical
  • IoT Products
  • FMCG
  • Cyber Security
  • Fintech
  • Technical Automotive
  • Logistics
  • Law
  • Software & Hardware
  • Events & Ticketing
Why Work With Us?

Our organised and analytical approach when prospecting for new business as well as relationship building and negotiation skills is where we deliver, with a core marketing and sales foundation, can deliver the results for your business.


It was a great pleasure working with Kirsty. Communication was always very clear and professional. Her and the team are very results and goal driven and makre sure, that as a client your voice and input is always heard. I would recommend Kirsty and business hunters to everyone that would like to enter the UK market or that already has done so and wants to expand their sales.

Felix Brombacher
Co-Founder & Managing Director at Crashtest
  • Business Development
  • Appointment Setting
  • Fully Managed
  • 360 Sales
  • Research (Pilot Scheme)
  • Portal Access
  • No Automation
  • Fully Qualified Leads
  • Live Updating
  • C-Suite Introductions
Trusted By
  • We’ve been working with Kristy Neal and her team for almost a year, and it’s been a fantastic collaboration between our sales force and Neal Consulting. Kirsty and her team have the ability to find and build opportunities, build relationships and have a very good ability to close sales. I can highly recommend Kirsty Neal and Neal Consulting. They have helped us to develop the UK market and helped us to achieve very good results. Best regards Ellen Cathrine Andersen, CEO, EpiGuard AS

    Ellen Cathrine Andersen
    CEO, EpiGuard AS
  • Neal Consultants provided great support as the go to person while I was charged with building an international website in a number of languages and then taking that to market. Always quick to respond and made sure everything came in on time and budget, making my life stress free.

    Glenn Ward
    Digital Consulting
  • I would like to recommend Neal Consulting business professionalism and perfect commercial skills. They are pleasant people deal with.

    Wolfgang Meyer
    Business Development Director
  • Working with Neal Consultants, its a wonderful experience! They are knowledgeable, informative and pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend utilizing their services.

    John Scherb
    Business Partnerships
  • Neal Consultancy contacted me about a subscription for an energy related product. I found them very pleasant to deal with, very quick to respond and flexible. Their commercial skills and enthusiasm stand out in a very competitive industry.

    Ruchdi Maalouf
    Chair of Oil & Gas Gaulle Fleurance
  • I worked with Neal Consultants on setting up a online documentation and update format newsbase for Longwood. It was a long process in getting the approvals and understanding of need for the company. They were instrumental in providing good data to put forward to my executive team to build our sales growth.

    Ian Thompson
    Chief Engineer Grove Automotive
  • They have simply been the most consistent and courteous service providers I have dealt with. They are very professional and have a unique skill set.

    Bill Hutchins
  • They are a pleasure to work with. They understand our business needs clearly and as a result was able to provide an excellent service both efficiently and effectively.

    Amanda Owen
  • Since coming on board they have increased our revenue and revitalized the company as a whole, by helping us designing fresh innovative sites, creating custom integrated workflows and sorting out our marketing and sales. Neal Consultancy has set us apart from our rivals and we are constantly up with there with our competitors, far beyond our expectations for business growth.

    Paul Smith
  • Neal Consulting are not only a fantastic business development company to work with but also personable business professionals with a drive to succeed which is contagious!

    Suzanne Greene
  • Delivers results, consistently, is the first truth I can say about Kirsty and the team, professional, friendly and focused also come to mind. Good bi-directional communication, suggestions and self motivation make working with Kirsty and the team a great overall experience and I’d thoroughly recommend Kirsty and the team for Business Development et al co-operation.

    Nick Ellenden
    Director, MissingX
  • Kirsty is the go to person when you want to generate new business. She has amazing attention to detail and is highly efficient with client care. Couldn’t recommend her and the team more.

    Thomas Palmer
    Director, Duality Studio
  • Kirsty is incredible at what she does, as are her team. I can’t speak highly enough of the way that they approach client care and communication, the diligence and attention to detail put in to delivering results and the value that is provided week in, week out.

    Jonathan Carling
    Managing Director, Sanay BPO
  • Kirsty is very talented and conscientious and during our time together working in different companies on the delivery of a key project she was always calm, organised and helpful. Kirsty is a fabulous stakeholder manager always searching for a balanced solution and her knowledge of the organisation and her desire to learn and adapt was very impressive. She a pleasure to work with and I am grateful for her support during the period.

    Karen Williamson
    Director, Delivering Differently
  • It was my great pleasure to work with Kirsty when we needed to commence a ‘land grab’ for a new digital innovation that we had created with one NHS Trust, and wanted to diffuse across as many Trusts UK-wide as possible. Kirsty provided a faultless pitch for the opportunity to partner with us – impressing us with her knowledge of the sector, reassuring us with her clear and transparent reporting portal and delighting us with her warm, empathetic, but highly professional manner. (And for the record, this was also true of the other BH team members that I encountered)

    Business Hunters hit the ground running and began to provide high-quality, pre-qualified meetings with the NHS influencers and decision makers as briefed within the first month, and they kept on coming. I thoroughly recommend Kirsty and Business Hunters to any company looking to scale quickly through new business networking, especially, given my direct experience, within the NHS and healthcare.

    Patrick Bell
    Growth-oriented CEO, Advisor and Non-Executive Director
  • I have had the pleasure to work as a client of Kirsty and her team at Business Hunters.

    During the collaboration, she has not only limited herself to executing our commercial strategy but has also improved it by contributing her knowledge and experience. Always showing great results and working closer to us. She has been part of our team.

    I would highly recommend Kirsty and her team.

    Juanjo Domínguez
    CRO en Hastee
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